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"I just wanted to say thank you once again for helping us with our son's sleep. He is doing amazing - goes to bed awake in his crib and falls asleep on his own, sleeping for 12 hours a night with no help, and napping amazingly as well. We also seem to have overcome the early wakings that we were recently dealing with. His learning how to sleep has seriously improved our whole family's quality of life! As a psychological associate, I am very familiar with behavioural theory and intervention, but as a very tired mom, I couldn't implement the strategies on my own. I really needed someone knowledgeable and experienced to pull together a solid but flexible plan for us and you did that very well! You are also an excellent communicator and consultant and your warm and non-judgemental approach is just what parents need. So, thank you again! I've been recommending you to all my non-sleeping friends."


"I want to thank you for all of your help! Before I called you I was at a huge loss of what to do with him and I really didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I don't think I could have done it without your help and support, it has made such an amazing difference!"


"The triplets are now sleeping through the nights and having more normal naps during the day. Everyone is well-rested and more functional around the house. Things are so much better! Thank you so much for everything!"


"She now sleeps right through the night (usually about 12 hours straight) and takes two naps of 1-1.5 hours each. She never cries or fusses before sleep and actually really enjoys her bed/naptime routine...sometimes even pointing to her crib and smiling. This was a huge success for us! We are so grateful to Shannon for her help and have recommended her services to many friends."


"When we first started it was like world war in our house. Once I started talking to Shannon every day and going over my daily schedule it made the world of difference. I didn’t feel alone and I was guided through all the hiccups. Within 2-3 weeks my daughter was sleeping through the night and my life was normal again."


"You have given us back our evenings and more importantly, when our daughter is ready for bed, its not a struggle to put her to sleep. It is now an enjoyable experience for all of us. I also find that she has better sleep, is better rested in the morning and eating better during the day now."


"Thanks again Shannon. We really appreciate your help. What a difference compared to before we contacted you. She is sleeping so much better - falling asleep easier, sleeping longer, falling back to sleep. Amazing!"


"Shannon, I can't thank you enough...I feel really equipped with the tools we need to get our baby on track. I call you the baby whisperer! She already is doing great this morning with just doing the things you recommended...I am calmer because I feel like I have the answers and she already soothed herself to sleep for her morning nap....in fact she is sound asleep now:)"


"For the past 3+ weeks or so, our daugter has been sleeping through the night. Her naps are also getting a lot better, and she'll often have two 1+hr long naps and fall asleep for the naps when placed in her crib in a quiet awake state. We are thrilled beyond words. Thank you for all of your help!!! We have already recommended you to some friends and will continue to do so."


"Last night was great! And he's even been napping all morning!! Feed and sleep!!! It's like a whole new kid!!"


"We GREATLY appreciate all you have done and all the support you have given us. I will continue to refer moms to you as I have been every time I hear a sleep story! "


"Even though I had read books about sleep, I felt overwhelmed and wanted some professional coaching and support. You provided this in spades, and got me feeling confident about my abilities to help my baby to learn to sleep. I found your help to be incredibly responsive and informative. I feel really very, very thankful for it."


"Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day! He actually asked to go in his crib! He is attached to a stuffy now AND he started chatting to himself in his crib to self soothe!!!!!!!!! I'm astonished!!!!!!! I am shocked and amazed and so proud of my little guy!! Thank you so much for getting us to this point Shannon!!"


 "Shannon, It certainly feels like you are the anchor that is keeping me sane! Thank you!"


"Things have been amazing. Last week my daycare provider told me that my daughter was a changed child;)! She is sleeping in her crib without fuss at daycare and at home. There are no issues with naps either! We really were baffled....it was super easy!!!!


"My husband and I now have our evenings to ourselves and I am feeling way more rested. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!"


"It is great because we are now sleeping through the night with no waking for feedings! If she does wakeup she can get herself back to sleep on her own!"


"Thank you Shannon. You helped to boost my confidence by regularly telling me how well I was doing and giving me hope that things would get better. This helped me get through a very sleep deprived time.
I am extremely happy with the results. I could not have done this by myself."


"Shannon you were very supportive and easy to relate to. The care was exceptional!"


"You've been an amazing source of support to me through this time. I can't thank you enough, Shannon. Your words means so much to me."


"Thank you Shannon. My husband and I now have time together again. We can sit and watch a movie and not have to watch the monitor in hopes that she won’t wakeup. We can also enjoy time with friends in the evenings and relax since we don’t have to whisper as to not wake the baby up!"


"You really helped to put us at ease! Thanks again, you are a life saver!!!


"Thank you Shannon. I cannot think of anything that could be improved upon since you did such an amazing job! I really feel she's turned a corner and we've got a good system established now. I cannot thank you enough!!"


"We now have our evenings to ourselves and I am feeling way more rested. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!"


"Thank you again Shannon. I feel so very thankful that you are out there!"






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